Tuesday, May 24, 2011

its the end of something and beginning of everything

So yeahhh i finished my journey as a student . It has been 18 years of study life starting with kindergarten, primary and secondary school, boarding school, matriculation and finally my 4 years of Uni live. Since primary school, I always been a wallflower. Not many really knows about my existence in the school. HAHA. But that's the truth. I only start to have a real best friend when I was form 4 and I begin to make a lot of friends after I finished my SPM. Many of them know me after I start facebook-ing and adding up some high school friends. From there, they would say something like, " Hey you ex this school ke?. Taktau pun ." Serious mula-mula makan dalam. HAHA. But to think further, it is better to have small circle of friends that we can depend on rather than having a lot of them who doesn't really know about us. Since school life, I look like someone who doesn't know anything, but I do observe things around me. I don't talk much.
A new chapter of my life will begin this coming October. I will start working in Japan. Of course I am happy to get the offer . But at the same time, I do realize the distant . Too afraid to think of what comes next :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

this is crazy !

There's only a few weeks left before my fyp presentation. and to be precise, there's only 2 weeks to go. I did finish all my experiments but the only thing that bothering me is that the simulation. arghhh this thing is driving me mad. Lets pray that i can go through all these pain.

Friday, March 25, 2011

we are special

So today I'm going to talk about relationship. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 5 years. So this year will be our 5th anniversary. There were so many things that we have been through for all this years. Mr S keep reminding me that we are special. We are just not like typical couples who met regularly and that's is so true. They are too many things that we haven't done together . We have never been to a candle light dinner together. We never had our own vacations . We never celebrated each others birthday, We never had taken pictures together and we only met like 5 times a year . I know we are so cool. HAHA . It was just something that I couldn't accept at the first place. But as years go by, i just have to understand that we are THAT special .I just keep reminding to myself that all those romantic dinners, vacations and etc etc would be more special if we do it after we get married. *SAJA NAK SEDAPKAN HATI*And one thing to add, we haven't introduces each other to our parents. Soo mr S decided to meet my parents before i fly to Japan :))

P/s : Saya tahu saya gedik cerita pasal bf saya .haha. and obviously Azlan Iskandar is not my boyfriend.haha

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


okay i love to see people wearing different style of tudung . It is good to be stylish and cover your aurat at the same time. I don't think is hard to look stylish with a tudung . In fact, you will look more stunning with the tudung on.Me myself don't wear a tudung. It is not like my parents do not teach me about how we as women should cover our aurat. I don't like people blaming others because MAK BAPAK TAK AJAR. Blame me for choosing my life this way. and PLEASE,you shouldn't blame the parents. I have been asked by so many people , "KENAPA TAK PAKAI TUDUNG?". Don't you think this question is too harsh to be asked ? Seriously I don't know how to react to this kind of question. The best i can do is to smileeeeee :) . anddd its weird cause i never been asked by the Ustaz or Ustazah . Entah sape entah :D
But its okay . I don't blame them to be so caringgg. heh.

P/s : I hope to see myself in tudung one day . Permanently okay :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

tsunami and earthquakes

I still can't believe what is happening in Japan right now. It is truly devastating cause I was there for the past 3 weeks for an interview. Luckily i get back before the massive earthquake happens. Syukur. But I am sad on the behalf of people of Japan . I love Japan . They are polite and humble. They are far far different from us. To see how they queue up before getting on the train, how they treat customers politely ,you will feel amazed . So everybody is asking me whether I'll change my mind about working there ? I am excited to be there this coming November. My dad is okay . but my mum hmmm. i know she loves me so muchhh. So she started hesitating about letting me go there cause i am her only 'princess ' . :DD

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hello march ! bye February

I have been kinda busy last month and as I ve been going back home to Seremban almost every week to prepare things for the interview . and the RESULTS ? yeay i got the job offer from TOSHIBA and will be flying back to Japan in October for 3 years . Everything were running so fast . I got the results for the final interview one week after the second stage in KL.I never thought that I will be working abroad. The feeling is unexplainable. Of course I'm happy but I do feel sad about leaving my family , my honey and my friends here in Malaysia. They are too many things I need to sacrifice :( . I am lucky that my family and my sayang are very supportive. Thank you so much for your never ending support especially to my parents. oh yeah. fyp is killing me. I don't really have the mood to complete the project. It's not because of the job offer but yeah that's me ! Don't really like to do things alone , I prefer working in a group or team. But i just have to complete it. Don't think to much about the grades tau !

p/s : my grammar is kinda suck. iknw -__-